2016 Taber Pheasant Festival

Over 750 hunters—plus their family, friends and canine companions-took part in the 6th annual Taber Pheasant Festival. This year was the biggest, and perhaps best, festival yet. Thank you to the Festival Committee and all partners and sponsors!

The novice hunt is always such a success thanks to mentors from Alberta Hunter Education Instructors' Association. They introduced over 70 new hunters to pheasant hunting at the novice event, presented by C&B Alberta Solar Development.

Thanks to the chefs with Alberta Culinary Tourism Alliance who came out to show novice hunters how to field dress the birds and then shared how to make the most of the whole bird, from liver and legs to feathers for fly fishing.

A hunting festival isn't complete without food. Alberta Culinary chefs delighted a sold-out crowd at the Game to Gourmet pheasant tasting. Thank you MacFarlane Pheasants for sponsoring the star ingredient and Tanner James for great live music. The Celebration Dinner was definitely a fitting night to a great week in Taber, thanks to the Heritage Inn and their talented chefs.

Landowners are at the heart of this festival. Year after year they work to enhance upland habitat and, come festival time, welcome festival hunters on their land. There were 40 sites this year and each and every one of those was filled all day long.

A dog is a pheasant hunter's best friend, and we thank Rick Smith for sharing tips on training bird dogs. In the words of one participant, "Now I want a dog."

The Taber Pheasant Festival has a lot of sponsors who do everything from donating birds to donating lunch to the volunteers helping the hunters register and so much in between. We appreciate all of you and it's not lost on us that we couldn't do this without you.

And last, but certainly not least, to the hunters, the people who came down for their first year and the ones who return year after year: thank you for supporting us. All the money raised from the raffle tickets and merchandise you bought and the silent auction items you bid on (and donated) goes into conservation and supporting pheasant habitat development in southern Alberta.

Enjoy the rest of pheasant hunting season. Check out ACA's Provincial Pheasant Release Sites to plan your next hunt. We want your input: please take a moment to fill out the Pheasant Release survey so we can continue to improve the program.


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