Regular Pheasant Hunt

Hunting time have been drawn. We are currently finalizing times and dates with hunters. Thanks for your support. 

Please familiarize yourself with the following:

  • To register to hunt in the festival, you will need to know who will be in your hunting party and which days you wish to hunt.
  • Up to four hunters are allowed in each hunting party for a drawn site. 
  • All hunters require a WiN card, wildlife certificate, valid game bird licence, and pheasant licence to hunt in the festival (including novice hunters).
  • You can select a maximum of three time slots when you register online for the draw. The time slots must be on different days (so you cannot hunt in the morning and the afternoon on the same day).
  • Only successfully drawn hunters and their hunting party may participate in the regular hunts. 
  • Once successfully drawn and you confirm your hunt days, you must show up at the Taber Pheasant Festival Office during the festival week to receive your hunting location information, Pheasant Festival permission slip(s), and hunter information package.
  • You must confirm the names of your hunting partners when you pick up your permission slip(s).
  • Hunting on the festival’s release sites is free. However, they are private properties (provided by local landowners). You must have permission (in the form of your permission slip) to enter your drawn site. Without the slip, you're trespassing.
  • No site transfers are allowed. That means you cannot pass a site to your unregistered friend if you can't make it. There are many, many people who are eager for a chance to hunt. Please be considerate; let us know as soon as possible if you can't make your drawn hunt time, either by updating your preferences on your account online or by calling us at 1-877-969-9091 (in Alberta) or 1-780-410-1999 (outside Alberta).

Keeping the draw system fair for all hunters

Hunters will be banned from all future events for:

  • trying to "game the system" (for example, by registering multiple email addresses).
  • hunting more than once per day and more than three times per week. (i.e., you and your hunting partners are free to all register for the draw. However, should more than one person in your group be drawn, it will be your responsibility to make sure you do not participate in more than three hunts during the week and more than one hunt per day). That may mean declining hunting times, which you will be able to do by logging into your account online or by calling us at 1-877-969-9091 (in Alberta) or 1-780-410-1999 (outside Alberta).
  • not showing up for their hunting time. You must let us know if you cannot make your hunting time. There are many people eager for a chance to hunt, so please be courteous and let us know as soon you know you cannot make your assigned hunt time. You can do this online by signing into your account or by calling us at 1-877-969-9091 (in Alberta) or 1-780-410-1999 (outside Alberta).