Family Fishing Weekends

To engage youth and foster interest and involvement in fishing, ACA helps AEP promote special fishing initiatives in Alberta each year. As described by AEP, “Fishing is an easy and enjoyable way for family and friends to connect with some of Alberta’s greatest natural resources – our lakes, rivers, streams and the fish that live in them. Family Fishing Weekends, no licence required, occurs twice a year.” In 2014/15, ACA provided online promotion of these initiatives to help increase awareness and involvement by the general public. Family Fishing Weekends were held February 15-17, 2014 and July 12-13, 2014. We promoted them on ACA’s website, through ACA’s social media, and in ACA’s e-newsletter in the hope that our efforts help foster an interest in outdoor activities related to fishing.


Alberta Environment and Parks

Annual Summaries

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Family Fishing Weekends 2014-2015 4