Peregrine Cameras

The peregrine cameras provide a birds’ eye view into the daily lives of peregrines as they fight for mates and territory, catch food, and raise their young. The cameras are set up three locations in Edmonton: the Bell Tower, the University of Alberta, and the Weber Centre. In the past year, we upgraded all cameras to HD night vision for 24 hour viewing. We also added an additional camera at the Weber Centre, and upgraded remote access to computers, which allows us to respond faster when any of the nest sites experience streaming issues. The intent is to make the viewer experience even better. The cameras are hugely popular, and views of the pages on our website accounted for half of all our web traffic in 2014/15. These visits are important as they provide a connection between people and the natural world as well as introducing visitors to ACA and our stakeholders. This year’s cameras were very successful, and we look forward to repeating the experience for viewers in the coming year.


Aspen Properties, TeraGo, University of Alberta, WiBand

Annual Summaries

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Peregrine Cameras 2014-2015 4
Peregrine Cameras 2015-2016 4
Peregrine Cameras 2016-2017 4
Peregrine Cameras 2017-2018 4