Social Media

One of ACA’s key goals in the 10-year Strategic Business Plan is to raise awareness about us and the work we do. Social media is a way for ACA to connect with, inform, and grow our audience. By having a medium where we can share our work and interests with people on a daily basis, we can generate interest and conversation that would otherwise not exist. In 2014/2015, we did this through our four primary social media mediums: Facebook, Twitter, our e-newsletter, and YouTube. Two new social media platforms added consist of a reddit account and an Instagram account, which are both still in their infancy in terms of audience and methods. Ultimately, the goal of our social media efforts is fostering an interested and compassionate audience so that we are connected with a larger scope of people when the time comes for an important message or request regarding conservation in Alberta. The gradual change in our social media approach over the past year has seen us making strides in the right direction and reaching more people. Between all social media activity this past fiscal year, nearly $10,000 was raised for the piping plover project, volunteers were found, many were informed of and attended ACA’s events, and tens of thousands have seen the wide variety of our projects.

Annual Summaries

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Title Year Category
Social Media 2014-2015 4
Social Media 2015-2016 4
Social Media 2016-2017 4