Website Maintenance and Development

ACA currently maintains a suite of five separate external websites, with several website aliases used for specific projects or events. ACA’s websites provide an accessible gateway to information about our work using current technology to engage users. It is one of the ways we work towards increasing ACA’s profile in Alberta, which is one of the long-term goals of ACA’s 10-year Strategic Business Plan. Highlights for 2014/15 include: 1) moving all external ACA websites (,,,, to a new web server hosting company to address concerns regarding reliability and server maintenance, 2) Upgrading our website software platform to newer versions on all ACA websites and making all previous code compatible with the upgrade, 3) Creating the Deer-Elk-Bear website for the 11th Biennial Western States Deer and Elk Workshop and 12th Western Black Bear Workshop, 4) Upgrading the coding for the Taber Pheasant Festival online registration system, and also updating the online festival raffle purchase system to make it easier to use, 5) Creating the ACA internal auction website, and 6) Creating online interfaces to make updating the websites more efficient. Overall, the websites are working well as a gateway to information about ACA. We are constantly evaluating and discussing updates, both minor and more extensive, and making sure the websites present information in the most user-friendly way possible.

Annual Summaries

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Title Year Category
Website Maintenance and Development 2014-2015 4
Website Maintenance And Development 2015-2016 4
Website Maintenance and Development 2016-2017 4
Website Maintenance and Development 2017-2018 4