Fish Annual Summaries

If you want to learn details about a specific fish project, this is the place. Find out who led the project and the partners that made it possible. Our summaries also explain goals set, on-the-ground work accomplished and whether or not we saw the outcomes we were hoping for.

We are working hard to upload all past summaries. If there is a report you would like to see that isn't presently here, please email

Title Year Category
Lake Aeration 2015 1
Distribution and Abundance of the Migratory Bull Trout Population in the Castle River Drainage (Year 4 of 4) 2015 1
Clearwater River Core Area Bull Trout Status 2015 1
Enhanced Fish Stocking Project 2015 1
Fish Stocking Expansion 2015 1
Milk River Sauger Abundance and Fish Community Structure 2015 1
Muskeg River Core Area Bull Trout Status 2015 1
Owl River Walleye and Aquatic Habitat Assessment 2015 1
Stocked Trout Survival 2015 1
Swan River Arctic Grayling Stock and Watershed Connectivity Assessment 2015 1
Effect of Size-selectiveness of Sport Fishery Harvest on Walleye 2015 1
Distribution of Sport Fish in the Waterton River Tailwater, 2014 2015 1
Angler Survey on Aerated Lakes: Swan and Spring Lakes 2016 1
Arctic Grayling Adult Density: Kakwa River 2016 1
Enhanced Fish Stocking Project 2016 1
Fish Stocking Expansion - New Lakes 2016 1
Fish Stocking Expansion - New Species and Strains 2016 1
Lake Aeration 2016 1
New Lake Aeration Development 2016 1
North Saskatchewan River Drainage Fish Sustainability Index Data Gaps 2016 1
Sawn Lake Walleye Fishery Development 2016 1
Sport Fisheries Restoration at Isle and Hasse Lakes 2016 1
Stocked Trout Survival – Avian Predation at Selected Enhanced Fish Stocking Ponds 2016 1
Swan River Arctic Grayling: A Stock and Watershed Connectivity Survey 2016 1
Westslope Cutthroat Trout Recovery and Watershed Disturbance 2016 1
Winterkill Fishery Restoration 2016 1