Fish Stocking Expansion

Alberta has a long history of fish culture and stocking. Through its role as a delegated administrative organization with extensive experience delivering the Enhanced Fish Stocking project, ACA is well-positioned to expand the scope of its provincial fish stocking activities and help meet growing demand for angling opportunities. We completed a detailed review of the policy and position statements of ACA member groups and provincial angler survey data, supplemented with a survey of ACA fisheries staff, to develop a prioritized list of potential fish stocking expansion opportunities. Results of this process were used to identify and develop ACA project proposals for 2015/16. Based on this review, two projects (Fish Stocking Expansion–New Lakes and Fish Stocking Expansion–New Species/Strains) were developed and are planned for 2015/16. Several other new projects have also benefited indirectly. These proposals support the broadening of ACA’s fish stocking activities across the province, creating more angling opportunities for Albertans.


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Annual Summaries

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Title Year Category
Fish Stocking Expansion 2014-2015 1
Fish Stocking Expansion - New Lakes 2015-2016 1
Fish Stocking Expansion - New Species and Strains 2015-2016 1
Fish Stocking Expansion – New Lakes 2016-2017 1
Fish Stocking Expansion – New Species and Strains 2016-2017 1