Provincial Habitat Securement Program

Alberta’s population reached four million in 2013, the largest census gain on record, and continued to increase in 2014. Alberta’s natural land base is under intense pressure from a variety of sources related to its population growth, including agricultural, municipal and industrial development. This trend is expected to continue as the population grows and demand for land continues. Our Provincial Habitat Securement Program conserves important wildlife and fish habitat through land purchases, land donations, and protective notations on Crown land. Securing habitat ensures these lands will be conserved in perpetuity to benefit our valued wildlife and fish resources, and to provide Alberta’s outdoor enthusiasts with year-round, sustainable recreational opportunities. Twenty-seven priority focus areas help guide securement efforts and opportunities. Collaborative partnerships with conservation groups, industry, various companies and private individuals allow us to maximize our conservation impact and the efficiency of our securement efforts. Together in 2014/15, we conserved 1,742 acres across six sites, including two ecogift land donations and four land acquisitions. These lands have an estimated value of approximately $1,703,000.


Alberta Fish & Game Association, Aux Sable, Bernard Letourneau, Canadian Western Bank, ConocoPhillips, Donald Hayden, Ducks Unlimited Canada, Government of Canada Habitat Stewardship Program for Species at Risk, MULTISAR, Plover Lover Campaign, Pheasants Forever – Calgary and Chinook Chapters, TransCanada Pipeline Ltd., Wild Elk Federation

Annual Summaries

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