ACA & 4-H Pheasant Raise and Release Project

ACA is partnering once again with 4-H Alberta to inspire future generations to learn to do by doing—and enhance Alberta’s pheasant population along the way. The project runs from mid-May to the end of August when the adult pheasants are released into the wild. 

How does the project work?

  • ACA provides day-old chicks to participating 4-H project members.
  • The kids build a pen, and keep the birds fed and safe for 14 weeks. Like any other 4-H project, this one requires a lot of time, effort and of course record-keeping!
  • The 4-H project members release their hens into suitable habitat. If the youth have quality habitat on their own property, the hens may even be released there. 
  • Pheasant hens are not huntable, so each bird raised and released can potentially become 8-12 pheasants next year!
  • Each project member receives $10 per hen for their efforts (you can get involved by sponsoring a hen or ten below).
  • The project teaches kids about wildlife, habitat needs and the business of agriculture. 

Sponsor a hen (or ten)! $10 is all it takes!

You'll make a difference not only for 4-H pheasant project members, but also for our future pheasant populations.


If you would rather sponsor a youth or discuss other ways you can contribute to the ACA & 4-H Pheasant Raise & Release Project, please email Layne Seward at

If you would prefer to donate dollars directly to a 4-H Alberta club, please contact the 4-H Foundation of Alberta, attention Jessica Reeves at or call toll free 1-877-682-2153.