Sharp-tailed Grouse Habitat Inventory and Stewardship

The parkland of northwestern Alberta historically supported a vibrant population of sharp-tailed grouse in a mosaic of grassland patches throughout an aspen-dominated landscape. Agricultural use over the past 60 years has seen many grassland patches convert to cropland, and fire suppression has limited the development of new open patches. Habitat stewardship of grassland patches is critical for keeping sharp-tailed grouse on this landscape. In 2014/15, we encouraged stewardship activities with private landowners, grazing reserve managers and members of the public to highlight the habitat needs of sharp-tailed grouse and other wildlife. This work included discussions about their changing habitat needs through the seasons.


Alberta Environment and Parks, County of Grande Prairie, Dunvegan Fish & Game Association, Wanham Grazing Reserve

Annual Summaries

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Sharp-tailed Grouse Habitat Inventory and Stewardship 2014-2015 2
Sharp-tailed Grouse Habitat Inventory and Stewardship 2015-2016 2