Celebrating 20 years of Conservation

In 2017, ACA celebrates 20 years of conserving wildlife and fish populations and their habitat for Albertans to value, enjoy and use. Conserve, protect and enhance have been part of our DNA since we formed in 1997. Travelling thousands of kilometres in -40oC weather tracking wolverines or working to secure spawning habitat for world class brown trout can be a typical day. Pick a project from ACA's fish, wildlife or land resource programs and conservation can be defined knee deep in muskeg, sweat and mosquitoes.

While the core of our work has remained consistent, how we do our work has changed over 20 years—from adopting drones and solar-powered off-site watering technologies to engaging new audiences and creating new opportunities between landowners, municipalities and industry. Its these relationships between stakeholders—the hunters, the anglers and trappers, education and research, the public, corporate partners and landowners—that keeps conservation relevant today.

As for the next twenty? Todd Zimmerling, President and CEO of ACA sums it up nicely.

"Partnerships and collaboration. If we’ve learned anything, it’s that conservation is a group effort.”