Alberta Snake Hibernaculum Inventory

All Alberta reptiles survive the winter in places where they will not freeze. Each fall, Alberta snakes set off from their summer feeding grounds back to traditional winter dens, called hibernacula (singular form: hibernaculum).

Hibernacula are often used for many years and include areas of surficial geology, subterranean erosion, root decay, animal burrows, crevices in rocky outcrops, and slumps along river valleys that allow access below the frost line and spaces for snakes.

Snakes may also overwinter in human-created environments such as old wells, rock piles and retaining walls, along building foundations, and in cellars. The temperatures within hibernacula remain fairly constant at just above freezing because of the earth’s insulating effects.

The Alberta Snake Hibernaculum Inventory asks for voluntary information on the location of snake dens as well as general reptile sightings, including road mortality. Reptile and hibernaculum observations can be submitted through the Alberta Volunteer Amphibian Monitoring Program.

We use your voluntary data to better understand the distribution and status of Alberta’s reptiles. Acquiring this fundamental information is an important first step to many reptile conservation initiatives in our province.

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Learn more about the reptiles living in your community here, or by referring to ACA’s Reptile of Alberta brochure.

For more information about the Alberta Snake Hibernaculum Inventory, please contact [email protected].

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