Juvenile and Adult

  • Large reddish-brown warts often set in dark blotches
  • Raised oval-shaped parotoid gland behind each eye
  • Two small, rounded projections (tubercles) on underside of each hind foot
  • May have light stripe down middle of back
  • Lacks ridges (cranial crests) on top of head
  • Background colour: olive-green, red, brown to almost black

Body length: up to 13 cm


  • Quiet series of soft whistles or chirping sounds; some individuals may not call


  • Laid in strings of one to three rows of eggs


  • Eyes located centrally on body as viewed from above
  • Spiracle located high on body, in middle of left side as viewed from side
  • Small individuals throughout range and large individuals in most parts of range appear entirely black; tail muscle dark
  • Commonly form closely packed schools that appear as dense mats in shallow water


  • Found primarily in the northern and western portions of the province, occupying the boreal forest, foothills, sub-alpine, and alpine environments
  • Largely absent from the drier southern and eastern areas of the province, although has been observed as far east as Lac La Biche

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