Juvenile and Adult

  • V-shaped ridges (cranial crests) on top of head, meet to form a bump (boss) on snout, and diverge around back of each eye; appear with age
  • Dark blotches with pale-borders, each with small warts
  • Raised oval-shaped parotoid gland behind each eye
  • Two prominent, elongated projections (tubercles) on underside of each hind foot
  • May have light stripe down middle of back
  • Background colour: light brown-grey to olive

Body Length: up to 12 cm


  • Loud, metallic sounding trill, which may last up to a minute


  • Laid in long strings with jelly layer that is distinctly scalloped, or pinched between eggs


  • Eyes located centrally on body as viewed from above
  • Spiracle located high on body, in middle of left side as viewed from side
  • All but smallest individuals, which appears mostly black, have general brassy colouration on body and tail muscle


  • Restricted to the short-grass prairie of southeastern Alberta
  • Found near ponds, ditches, and flooded fields within areas of loose soil that allow for easy burrowing

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