From the backyard to the backcountry, volunteer amphibian observations contribute to real science and conservation.

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Alberta Volunteer Amphibian Monitoring Program (AVAMP) is a citizen science program that allows participants to learn about the amphibians in their communities and help conserve amphibian populations by reporting frog, toad, and salamander observations. Become an Amphibian Monitoring Program volunteer. It’s fun and easy!

Why should I care?

About one in every three of the world’s approximately 7,000 known species of amphibians are threatened with extinction, with many species having already vanished in recent years. Amphibian decline affects ecosystem function and biodiversity and is a problem of local, national, and international scope. As a steward of our natural world, there are many things volunteers can do to help amphibians. One of the easiest things is participating in AVAMP.

Anyone can monitor frogs, toads, and salamanders, including individuals, families, schools, naturalist groups, and organizations. We offer our volunteers ongoing support for amphibian identification and guidance in monitoring. Observations can be submitted using our online form.

You are free to monitor amphibians in the special places where you hunt, fish, hike, paddle, or go to be with nature. How much time and effort you put into the program is entirely up to you. Learn about the amphibians living in your community here, or by referring to ACA’s Amphibian Identifier pamphlet.

Snake, lizard, and turtle observations can also be submitted through AVAMP as well as snake den information as part of the Alberta Snake Hibernaculum Inventory. We use your voluntary data to better understand the distribution and status of Alberta’s herpetofauna. Acquiring this fundamental information is an important first step to many amphibian and reptile conservation initiatives in our province.

What else can I do?

Actively managing your land and water for amphibians can save you time and resources, improve animal and plant health, increase land value, and increase returns from farming and ranching inputs.

Want to know more about amphibians and implementing habitat stewardship on your property? Read "Amphibians on my land—habitat stewardship in agricultural landscapes.” For additional information about habitat stewardship practices and assistance with implementing habitat stewardship on your property, click here

For more information about AVAMP, please contact

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