Kids Can Catch

FAQs: Fort Saskatchewan Kids Can Catch

  1. Do I need to register? Yes. We ask that you register online at so that we can estimate the number of people who plan to come. At the event, go to the registration tent to check in and sign a participant release and photo consent.
  2. Can I come even if I don’t have kids? Absolutely. The event is open to all ages.
  3. Do I need a fishing licence? Adult residents of Alberta need a licence to fish. Residents of Alberta who are under 16 and over 65 years old do not need a licence to fish. Adults accompanying children (under 16) do not need a licence as long as they are not fishing. Visit for more information. Alberta Sportfishing Regulations apply to this event.

  4. Do I need to bring my own fishing rod? If you have a fishing rod and tackle, please bring it. We have loaner fishing rods rigged and ready to go for participants to borrow (thanks to AltaLink, Dow, and Cabela’s). If all the rods are in use, please enjoy other activities at the event until a rod becomes available to borrow.

  5. Who can I ask for fishing tips or help learning to fish? Fishing mentors from local conservation groups and Alberta Conservation Association will be roving around the pond to help participants learn to fish. Look for Fish and Wildlife officers who are also on hand to help.

  6. What if I catch a fish? A fishing mentor can help you. Alberta Sportfishing Regulations apply to this event.

  7. How do I safely catch-and-release fish? Safe fish handling is an essential part of being a responsible angler. Handle the fish with care by minimizing its time out of the water. Be gentle and quick in removing the hook. Use wet hands or wet gloves, and take care not to touch its eyes or gills. Use two hands to carefully place the fish back in the water and let it swim away.

  8. Is there food at the event? Yes. When you check in at the registration tent, you will receive one voucher per person, while supplies last. It’s a good idea to bring additional lunch, snacks, and water, just to make sure you have enough for the day.

  9. Are there public washrooms? Yes. There are washrooms inside the West River’s Edge building and portable toilets around the pond.

  10. Where do I get event updates? Event updates will be posted on, @ConserveAlberta on Twitter, and at Alberta Conservation Association on Facebook.

  11. Where can I post my photos and connect online?
    #kidscancatch and #fortsask on Twitter and Instagram
    @ConserveAlberta on Twitter
    @AlbertaConservationAssociation on Facebook

  12. Where is the event? Fort Lions Community Fish Pond is at West River’s Edge, 1875 River Valley Drive, Fort Saskatchewan.

  13. Any other tips? It’s a short walk from the parking lot to the pond. Bring a wagon and load it up with camping chairs, blankets, sunscreen, umbrellas, water, snacks, and anything else you will need.

  14. Who can I contact with questions? Call Alberta Conservation Association at 780-410-1999 or email