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Lacombe Kids Can Catch

What an amazing turnout at Lacombe Kids Can Catch! Around 1,000 anglers came to fish; while not many fish were caught (excluding some weeds), the young anglers restocked the pond with 400 fish. Another success for Lacombe was its unveiling of the world’s largest fishing lure! They reeled in the world record with a replica of a Len Thompson Five of Diamonds lure, in celebration of Thompson Pallister Bait Company’s 90th year of business. Amazing! Thanks to the City of Lacombe for organizing the event and to all the sponsors and volunteers for making it such a great day.

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Lacombe Fish and Game - City of Lacombe - Central Alberta Coop - Dow - Len Thompson - Fountain Tire - Smoky Trout Farm - Coop Community Spaces - D & M - Quantum Canada - Wolverine Gun and Tackle