Explore a Little, Discover a Lot

We know it’s good for us to take advantage of the place we live and explore—Alberta…but where exactly?

The Guide has a job to do. We created it to connect Albertans to the wild places they can hunt, fish or explore, for free—any time of the year.

The annual publication is also free, touting over 780 conservation sites. A simple icon system reveals essential details for each site, with boat launch and stocked waterbody icons added for the 2019 issue. Albertans can enjoy the freedom and privilege they have to explore and recreate on thousands of acres.

What is a Conservation Site?

All of the sites we promote are private land—owned by ACA or conservation partners—or public land—managed by ACA on behalf of the Crown. Either way, every single site is available for public use and has been made available through conservation efforts by ACA and its partners. 

Possible with Partners:

All conservation sites mentioned in the Guide are the result of many individuals, hunters and anglers, organizations, and corporate partners who believe in the value of habitat conservation. Each purchase, partnership, or donation of property establishes a network of habitat for wildlife and outdoor enthusiasts.

Alberta Fish & Game Association (AFGA) and its affiliated clubs, as well as Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC), are partners on a large number of the conservation sites. Their involvement continues to make the Alberta Discover Guide an extensive outdoor guide for Albertans!