Conservation is Connection

Conservation Magazine strives to show Albertans there’s more to our province than what we might think we know. We connect readers to significant research and projects in a visual, storytelling way. Because that’s what conservation needs to be about: connection. Otherwise, why should anyone care?

If Albertans continue to hunt, fish, hike—simply enjoying a life that involves spending time in our wild backyard—they’re in turn more invested in the work ACA does. Our magazine works to bridge an understanding between the hunting and angling communities and the larger conservation community. 

Themes of habitat protection, land use, invasive and introduced species, and ethical harvesting are all interconnected. We want our audience to understand this what we need to think about, what we must do, if we want to continue to enjoy our outdoors in the ways we always have. 

Published twice a year, the magazine also helps increase ACA’s profile and is used (by Fisheries, Wildlife, Land Management, and Business Development) to relate to potential donors and partners. It’s a statement piece, an opportunity to show not only Alberta’s beauty but also brains—hardworking in the sense that it helps us leverage more dollars into conservation.

Conservation Magazine is delivered in hard copy to subscribers (who have signed up at, distributed at trade shows, and viewable online (click the blue button below).