Kids Today Decide Tomorrow

If kids don’t feel connected to their environment, they won’t have a desire to protect it. Just think: the education we provide now has the power to affect the management techniques and outcomes of Alberta’s wildlife, fish, and habitat tomorrow.

Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to teach kids about the outdoors or get them excited about it. The success of the province-wide program Kids Can Catch proves it. Every year, ACA teams up with local communities and corporate partners to create a fun atmosphere where families learn to fish. Experts are on hand to help out, loaner rods abound, and you’ll usually find a snack or two nearby. But the best part? It’s free! It is an event available for all kids to try it. 

For showing kids the proper ways to bait a hook and what to do once a fish has been caught, a huge thanks goes to our volunteers and organizers—because of them, kids learn how to properly care for Alberta’s fish and our future. 

The results speak for themselves:

  • Since 2012/13, nearly 20,000 adults and kids have come to fish at over 120 Kids Can Catch events across Alberta.
  • 176 organizations, partners, and sponsors made Kids Can Catch events possible.
  • Dow’s sponsorship helped ACA expand the program to new communities, including Beaumont, Sylvan Lake, Airdrie, Calgary, Castor and Edmonton.

Corporate Partners in Conservation