They keep coming back, and so do we.

For a long time, the peregrine falcon—the fastest creature on earth—was in serious trouble. As a Species At Risk in Canada, populations were on downward spiral because of DDT. The widely-used pesticide caused problems with fertility and development.

Fast-forward through the extensive reintroduction program and control of DDT; now this falcon is far from the brink of extinction in Alberta. In fact, the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada changed its status to "Not At Risk.” If that’s not the ultimate wildlife success story, we don’t know what is!

Since 2015, ACA has been maintaining livestream cameras (in sky high locations in and around Edmonton) so anyone with an internet connection can get an inside look at the lives of this elusive, predatory falcon. From nesting to preying to hatching and raising so-ugly-they’re-cute young, peregrines reveal their daily routines on our 24/7 cameras. Not only does the initiative promote education surrounding the peregrine falcon, but it also draws attention to other Species At Risk initiatives in our province.

ACA has expanded the project to include ferruginous hawk nests monitored by trail cameras, and we will be putting a spotlight on more species in the future. Stay tuned and keep on streaming!

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