Let’s Cut the Carp

They can spawn three times per year, reproduce asexually, thrive on low oxygen levels, and eat pretty much everything.

Aggressive and invasive: Prussian carp are here in Alberta.

We’re working to boost the knowledge needed for our province to effectively control and manage plans for Prussian carp. ACA biologists are figuring out how far they’ve spread, and if they’re in places we haven’t identified yet.

The multi-year project will determine:

  • distribution of Prussian carp in Alberta
  • population demographics
  • habitat characteristics, or indicators of their presence
  • potential to impact native species

Environmental DNA (eDNA) shows Prussian carp are in the Red Deer, Bow, and Oldman river drainages. There is no evidence of existence in the Athabasca, Battle, Beaver, McLeod, Milk, North Saskatchewan, Peace, Pembina, or Smoky rivers. As we compile further results, we’re filling in the gaps for a more comprehensive map of total distribution in Alberta. It’s also an ideal baseline for regions where Prussian carp have not yet spread.

But the burning question: how do we eliminate the ones we have pinpointed?

Well…we can’t.

Unfortunately there is no feasible, economical way to get rid of Prussian carp. But what we can definitely do is stop the spread. Alberta anglers can help our native fish! Alberta is asking everyone never to release Prussian carp, kill them if you catch them, and report any sightings of the invader at www.eddmaps.org/alberta.

Prussian carp might be persistent…but Alberta anglers are passionate.

Project Sponsors

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