An Open Dock

It’s not always easy to find a place to fish in Alberta. We want experiences at ACA fisheries access sites to be memorable, for all the right reasons.

We start with the credo that fishing is for everyone—anglers of all ages and all experience levels, “from the experienced ardent fly angler to the novice worm and bobber chucker,” says ACA Senior Biologist, Marco Fontana.

The more people go out and experience fishing, the more believers and doers we have. When more people care about fishing, this favourite pastime stays on Alberta’s wish list—which means ACA can continue to put funds, partner work and elbow grease (installing docks is hard work!) into something that should be accessible to everybody.

The Fisheries Access Site (FAS) Management program provides angling opportunities in key streams, rivers, and lakes throughout the province. Part of our 2018/19 work was inspecting and maintaining 27 fisheries access sites and commissioning 12 maintenance contracts. Upgrades include things like better site signage, boat launches, landscaping, tree planting, and installations of picnic tables and garbage/recycling containers.

It’s not all rehab; we do new stuff too. There’s now a new fisheries access site along the North Raven River in the central region, and we’re working with partners on access development projects at two more waterbodies. All of it takes a team—15 partnerships to be exact—many of which financially contribute.

FAS Management encourages safe, well-maintained, accessible sites. “Why do I care so much?” asks Fontana. “Because I love fishing, I love being outside, and I want other people to enjoy their time doing the same.”

See? Fishing really is as simple as they say.

Corporate Partners in Conservation

Project Sponsors

  • Alberta Environment and Parks
  • Alberta Fish & Game Association
  • Clearwater County
  • County of Greenview
  • County of Newell
  • County Northern Lights
  • Devon Canada Corporation
  • Municipal District of Rocky View
  • North Raven River Working Group
  • Northern Sunrise County
  • Trout Unlimited Canada – Central Chapter
  • Trout Unlimited Canada – Yellowhead Chapter
  • Wetaskiwin County