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“Our landscape is our home.” This was Peter MacConnachie’s ethos. As a champion of biodiversity, Peter devoted his career and personal life caring for the mixedwood boreal forest, so it is only fitting to dedicate his legacy to a site nestled within the ecologically sensitive area.

Approximately 17 km east of Two Hills, adjacent to the Morecambe Conservation Site, the 310-acre land provides an opportunity to reconnect with wildlife and their habitat and makes us appreciate all Alberta has to offer.

Covered by woodland and scattered knob and kettle wetlands, the site is shaded by aspen, birch, poplar, willow and spruce trees, and contoured with shrubs that will share its wild berries in the summer. The forest is alive with flora and fauna alike. Wildlife such as ruffed grouse, waterfowl, deer, moose, and black bear are known to wander through the site. Raptors, such as the broad-winged hawk, have been spotted soaring in the clear sky overhead. This serene landscape is open for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy.

With a Little Help from Our Friends

The half section of land slated for the MacConnachie Conservation Site was purchased with funds from Suncor Energy and Alberta Fish & Game Association (AFGA).

Suncor Energy Foundation and ACA under the Boreal Habitat Conservation Initiative (BHCI) have conserved over 10,000 acres across 43 different conservation sites.

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