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Silver Sage (south of Manyberries) is the perfect example of how a little (ok, a lot) of planning can transform a weary piece of land—over-cultivated and under-nourished—into a richer plot that supports an exciting range of species. In a part of the province where cultivated land reigns, the Silver Sage Conservation Site is a welcome relief of thriving habitat. In fact, 65 different species have been recorded on the recently expanded 2,731-acre site. Eighteen of them are species-at-risk!

"A large portion was dominated by cultivated croplands and provided an opportunity for native prairie restoration and enhancement," explains Tyler Johns, ACA biologist. Working with MULTISAR, ACA has re-seeded 1,060 acres back to native grass. The greater sage grouse and Sprague's pipit benefit the most, but so do the ferruginous hawk, sharp-tailed grouse, swift fox, and pronghorn.

Along with our partners, we've been acquiring the property in parcels since 2010. And now, the government has awarded Silver Sage Canada's 150. It's a way to recognize those special properties, secured by federal funding, that are being conserved for the benefit of everyone.

With a Little Help From Our Friends

Silver Sage was purchased in collaboration with Government of Canada Habitat Stewardship Program for Species at Risk, Alberta Fish & Game Association (Wildlife Trust Fund and Medicine Hat Fish & Game), Pheasants Forever (both Calgary and Chinook chapters), and a private donor.

For more information on land conservation, please contact:
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Land Management Program
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