Pheasant Raise and Release

Raising the next generation of Alberta’s land stewards starts with teaching youth about habitat—and its connection to healthy wildlife populations, agriculture, conservation, and hunting.

The best way to learn is hands-on.

This is why, in 2014, ACA and 4-H Alberta partnered to bring back the Pheasant Raise and Release Program.

4-H members, as well as Scouts, Fish & Game youth, and landowners learn about habitat and the needs of wildlife by raising pheasants from day-old chicks into adults and releasing them into quality habitat.

Habitat that youth will one day become the stewards to conserve—for pheasants, for wildlife, and for future generations of Albertans to enjoy.

How does it work?


  • Learn about habitat and raising pheasants.
  • Build a brood house and flight pen and provide food and water.
  • Receive day-old chicks from ACA and raise them until they are nearly grown adults.
  • Apply their knowledge of upland habitat to identify locations to release birds, perhaps on their own land, club property, or at a conservation site.

How does ACA help?

ACA biologists help youth and their leaders learn what it takes to raise pheasants and the kind of habitat features and food sources pheasants and other upland game birds seek in the wild. They also learn about the business of agriculture and the connections between agriculture, habitat, conservation, and hunting.

How can I help?

This project costs $56,165.

Youth never fail to inspire us. Can you do the same for them?

Project Sponsors

  • ConocoPhillips Canada
  • MacFarlane Pheasants

Project Partners

  • 4-H Alberta
  • Calgary Fish & Game Association
  • Innisfree & District Fish & Game Association
  • Lethbridge Fish & Game Association
  • Wheatland Conservation & Wildlife Association

This program is successful because of partnerships. There are many ways for companies and organizations to get involved as a project sponsor or partner. Contact Amanda Rezansoff, Biologist, at 780-410-1975 or