Shell Canada Limited

For over a decade, Shell Canada Limited has partnered with ACA on habitat conservation in Alberta. Together we have conserved over 3,000 acres of habitat in the province, resuting in the creation of 10 conservation sites. A highlight of the partnership is Shell True North Forest, a 1,820-acre site 70 km north of Grande Prairie and less than 1 km south of Moonshine Lake Provincial Park. Since its establishment as a conservation site, ACA and Shell have partnered with Tree Canada to plant 70,000 trees on the site. 

Most recently, Shell Canada Limited is a multi-year partner in water and habitat conservation initiatives in the Beaver Creek drainage of the South Saskatchewan River watershed. This support helps ACA work with landowners to protect and improve wetlands and riparian areas so vital to water quality. 

Shell Canada Limited also supports the ACA Fish Stocking Project at Radway Pond, located near its Shell Quest Carbon and Capture Storage facility, creating opportunities for residents to fish close to where they live and work. 


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