Thor Resources Inc.

Thor Resources Inc. (“Thor”, “Thor Helium”), a helium production and exploration company, is a proud supporter of Alberta Conservation Association (ACA) and their conservation efforts in our operating area of Southern Alberta. These activities consist of the securement, enhancement and restoration of key habitats for fish and wildlife species, including numerous Species At Risk, as well as maintaining important partnerships with local landowners that benefit habitat on privately held lands through programs such as MULTISAR. Thor’s goal is to minimize the impact on the unique and diverse ecosystem which we conduct operations in and see our partnership with ACA as an opportunity to offset any potential impact our company may have on sensitive species habitat through the restoration and protection of these important ecosystems. Thor is committed to being one of the most environmentally sustainable producers of helium in the world, which has many high-tech applications, including hospital MRI machines, semiconductor manufacturing, space exploration, and of course everybody’s favourite low-tech application, helium balloons.

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