ACA and TransAlta are partnering to create what will be the largest contiguous Conservation Site that ACA owns. TransAlta is in the process of donating an additional 1,274 acres of reclaimed land to ACA, which will combine with previous donations and purchases to form a 2,167-acre site. Once TransAlta receives the final reclamation certificate for these lands, expected in 2025, ACA will be able to open this site to the public.

This a great example of how industry and conservation groups can work together. Since 1962, the Whitewood Mine served as the main source of coal for the Wabamun power plant, which was retired in 2010 and has since been demolished. The reclaimed mine site is now a mix of open grasslands, treed areas, and agricultural lands, with rolling hills and several lakes and wetlands. ACA has begun conducting wildlife surveys on the site and has already documented 70 species, including several listed as being “Sensitive” in Alberta. Thanks to TransAlta’s generous donation, these lands can remain wild, and will be open to the public to enjoy, value and use for low-impact recreation.

TransAlta is also a proud sponsor of the Kids Can Catch ice fishing event at Wabamun Lake. This popular free, family fishing event takes place every February, drawing in over a thousand young, eager-to-learn anglers.

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