Annual Report

The Annual Report is a valuable tool for ACA and our stakeholders. It is one of the ways we make sure our yearly projects are on-time, on-budget, done to the highest quality, and done safely, which is a long-term goal set out in our Strategic Business Plan. The Annual Report is also important for stakeholders and the public because it provides them with information about our work and how we are spending the money we receive each year from levies, partnerships, and donations, as well as providing them with audited financial statements. It is one of the business reports that demonstrates that ACA is accountable and transparent. The Communications team coordinates content from the various other program areas and make sure it is provided in time so that ACA can meet its deadlines. We edit, design, proof, print copies as required and post the Annual Report on our website in September each year once the ACA Board of Directors has approved it. We also coordinate the editing of 45 resource program (Wildlife, Fisheries, Land) annual summaries to show how each project has done. They are posted online by April each year. The 2013/14 Annual Report was provided to the Board in a timely fashion for approval, and posted by September 2014. The annual summaries were successfully coordinated and posted online by April 30, 2015.

Annual Summaries

We are working hard to upload all past summaries. If there is a report you would like to see that isn't presently here, please email

Title Year Category
Annual Report 2014-2015 4
Annual Report 2015-2016 4
Annual Report 2016-2017 4