Archery Days

In the 2014/15 fiscal year, 335 youth and adults tried out archery at three Archery Days events (in Lamont, Sherwood Park and Galahad), supported by 10 community and corporate partners. Each event was hosted by a local organization, while ACA managed online registration and promotional material. Participants were introduced to archery by trained instructors and volunteers, and learned about archery equipment, technique and safety. Public turnout for the events demonstrated that Albertans are interested in trying archery. The goal of each event was to foster an interest in archery as a gateway to hunting.


Access Pipeline, Alberta Bowhunters Association, Alberta Hunter Education Instructors’ Association, Aux Sable, Cabela’s, Galahad Archery Club, Lamont Fish & Game Club, Sasol Canada, Sherwood Park Archery Club, TransCanada

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