Conservation Magazine

Conservation Magazine is a free bi-annual publication from ACA. It is published in May for Spring/Summer and in October for Fall/Winter. 15,000 to 20,000 copies are printed and distributed by mailing them to subscribers and through various other distribution methods including trade shows. The magazine is also available online. Conservation Magazine provides ACA an opportunity to highlight the projects and work we and our member groups are doing in Alberta to positively impact the conservation of fish, wildlife and their habitats. It is one of the ways we work towards increasing ACA’s profile in Alberta, which is a long-term goal in ACA’s 10-year Strategic Business Plan. Other long-term strategic goals partly guiding magazine content include increasing the acceptance of hunting, fishing and trapping within the general public, as well as highlighting the positive role hunters, anglers and trappers play in the conservation of wildlife, fish and habitat in Alberta. The magazine is also a tool for the other program areas (Fisheries, Wildlife, Land, Business Development) to use when reaching out to potential donors and/or partners. For the 2014 issues, we printed 20,000 copies each and mailed out over 11,600 per issue. Stories highlighted landowners we have worked with, Conservation Sites, aquatic invasive species, Grant Fund projects, Alberta’s endangered trees, behind-the-scenes looks at ACA biologists’ work, a moose-tracking app, recipes for wild foods like white-tailed deer, wild berries and mushrooms, ACA projects on harvesting and replanting silver sagebrush seeds, the wolverine project, and some of the creatures that call Alberta home like lynx, chickadees, fishers and tiger salamanders.

Annual Summaries

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Conservation Magazine 2014-2015 4
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