Final Report Series

Our Fisheries and Wildlife Resource Programs are responsible for submitting reports every year on the projects they have been working on to describe the findings of the work. Communications is responsible for editing, proofing, and formatting these reports and making sure they are available to the public and our stakeholders and partners through our website and the Alberta Government Library. Four Wildlife reports and four Fisheries reports were completed for 2019/20.



Annual Summaries

We are working hard to upload all past summaries. If there is a report you would like to see that isn't presently here, please email

Title Year Category
Final Report Series 2015-2016 4
Final Report Series 2016-2017 4
Final Report Series 2017-2018 4
Final Report Series 2018-2019 4
Final Report Series 2019-2020 4
Final Report Series 2020-2021 4