Final Reports

ACA’s Fisheries, Wildlife, and Land Management Resource Programs are responsible for generating final project reports for completed projects each year to describe the findings of the work. Interim project reports that capture technical aspects of a significant segment of an ongoing project are also generated for some ACA projects.

The Information, Education, and Communications Program is responsible for coordinating the editing, proofing, formatting, and finalization of these reports; and making sure they are available to the public, and ACA’s stakeholders and partners through our website. Three Fisheries reports were completed for 2022/23.



Annual Summaries

Title Year Category
Final Report Series 2015-2016 4
Final Report Series 2016-2017 4
Final Report Series 2017-2018 4
Final Report Series 2018-2019 4
Final Report Series 2019-2020 4
Final Report Series 2020-2021 4
Final Report Series 2021-2022 4
Final Reports 2022-2023 4