Grant Fund Annual Report

The Grant Fund Annual Report provides stakeholders with information about the ACA Grant Fund projects awarded, allocations, and activities. Each year, ACA funnels over $1 million through grants into conservation work in Alberta. Since starting our grant programs in 2002/03, we have awarded almost $14.5 million, excluding the $4.3 million awarded through the Grants in Biodiversity program over the past 20 years. Projects that have benefitted from long-term funding cover everything from avian monitoring and education programs to research on mountain goats, big horn sheep and elk. Other recipients include the Edmonton Nature Club’s popular Snow Goose Chase, the Camrose Purple Martin Festival, and Trout Unlimited Canada’s stewardship licence project. The Conservation, Community and Education grants also fund angling and hunting events and youth camps, where youths and families can get connected to nature. This is but a small sampling of the 702 projects funded so far. The Grant Fund Annual Report was ready by October 2014 for the grant eligible committee meeting in December 2014. We updated the grants section on ACA’s website as needed, and promoted grants and deadlines as they occurred.

Annual Summaries

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Grant Fund Annual Report 2014-2015 4
Grant Fund Annual Report 2015-2016 4
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