Grants Reports

The aim of the Grants Reports project is to document the grants fund procedures and provide an overview of activities and results of projects financially supported through ACA grants (the ACA Conservation, Community, and Education Grants [CCEG], the ACA Research Grants [RG], and the Grants in Biodiversity [GiB]) each fiscal year. ACA funnels approximately $1.5 million into conservation work in Alberta through the grants. These grants were funded by the sales of Alberta hunting and fishing licences, with the GiB having received additional funding from Suncor Energy. As of 2022/23, approximately $23.4 million has been granted to conservation-related projects throughout the province. In 2022/23, the Grants Program awarded a 98 grants: 71 CCEG, 12 RG, and 15 GiB. ACA Grants Project Summary Reports provides an overview of all the grants funded in 2022/23 and are available on the Grants Program website to demonstrate the impact of the grants program and to allow for transparency with regard to how the hunting and fishing levy funds are distributed.



Annual Summaries

Title Year Category
Grant Fund Annual Report 2014-2015 4
Grant Fund Annual Report 2015-2016 4
Grant Fund Annual Report 2016-2017 4
Grants Fund Annual Report 2017-2018 4
Grants Fund Annual Report 2018-2019 4
Grants Fund Annual Report 2019-2020 4
Grants Fund Annual Report 2020-2021 4
Grants Fund Annual Report 2021-2022 4
Grants Reports 2022-2023 4