Waterfowl Warmup

Waterfowl Warmup is a fundraiser in support of the Report A Poacher Program. Proceeds from the event support efforts to educate the public about responsible hunting and angling and the negative impacts of poaching. In all, 24 teams participated in Waterfowl Warmup this year due to relaxed COVID-19 restrictions (last year we were limited to 16 teams). The winning team name and members’ names were added to the Waterfowl Warmup plaque on display at ACA’s office in Sherwood Park. Winning team members each received an individual trophy and prize bag to take home.


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Annual Summaries

Title Year Category
Waterfowl Warmup 2015-2016 4
Waterfowl Warmup 2016-2017 4
Waterfowl Warmup 2017-2018 4
Waterfowl Warmup 2018-2019 4
Waterfowl Warmup 2019-2020 4
Waterfowl Warmup 2020-2021 4
Waterfowl Warmup 2021-2022 4