WIN Card Reimbursement

Working in partnership with Hunting For Tomorrow and Alberta Hunter Education Instructors’ Association, the WIN card reimbursement program supports the recruitment of young people into hunting. The project gives ACA and its member groups a way to connect with new hunters when they purchase their first WIN card. Although the cost of reimbursing each youth for their first WIN card is relatively small, the impact of this project has been significant. ACA has been able to enhance young hunters’ experience by introducing and connecting them to programs, information, and member group organizations. It is our hope that making these connections at a young age will result in long-term relationships being formed between these young stakeholders and the larger conservation community. In 2014/15, 1,857 information packages were distributed by Hunting For Tomorrow to youth who had completed the hunter education course. A total of 1,126 youth returned the reimbursement form and asked to be included on ACA’s mailing list to receive on-going information from ACA regarding hunting, fishing, trapping and other conservation activities.


Alberta Hunter Education Instructors’ Association, Hunting For Tomorrow

Annual Summaries

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Title Year Category
WIN Card Reimbursement 2014-2015 4
Win Card Reimbursements 2015-2016 4
WIN Card Reimbursements 2016-2017 4
WIN Card Reimbursements 2017-2018 4