WIN Card Reimbursements

In partnership with Hunting for Tomorrow and Alberta Hunter Education Instructors’ Association, the WIN Card Reimbursement program supports the recruitment of young people into hunting. The project gives ACA and our member groups a way to connect with new hunters when they purchase their first WIN card. In 2021/22, over 1,370 information packages were sent to youths who had completed the hunter education course. A total of 349 youths returned the reimbursement form.


Alberta Hunter Education Instructors’ Association, Hunting For Tomorrow

Annual Summaries

Title Year Category
WIN Card Reimbursement 2014-2015 4
Win Card Reimbursements 2015-2016 4
WIN Card Reimbursements 2016-2017 4
WIN Card Reimbursements 2017-2018 4
WIN Card Reimbursements 2018-2019 4
WIN Card Reimbursements 2019-2020 4
WIN Card Reimbursements 2020-2021 4
Win Card Reimbursements 2021-2022 4