ACA Fish Stocking Project Evaluation     

In 2019, ACA stocked 103,255 catchable trout (rainbow, brown, and brook trout) into 61 ponds. One pond was experimentally stocked with 1,200 yellow perch in 2018. Using trail cameras to collect angler use data allowed us to estimate angler effort at two trout ponds and at a pond stocked experimentally with yellow perch. Angler effort ranged from 21 hours/ha at Bow City East Pond to 960 hours/ha at Taber Pond. Angler effort at Fort Lions Community Fish Pond, a yellow perch pond, was 63 hours/ha. Our results suggest that angler use was highly variable and despite the introduction of a new species, can remain low. Our results continue allowing us to better manage our stocking practices and evaluate site management options serve Alberta anglers 2 better.


Alberta Environment and Parks

Annual Summaries

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Enhanced Fish Stocking Evaluation 2016-2017 1
ACA Fish Stocking Evaluation 2017-2018 1
ACA Fish Stocking Project Evaluation 2018-2019 1
ACA Fish Stocking Evaluation 2019-2020 1