ACA Fish Stocking Project Evaluation     

In Alberta, fishing opportunities are limited and stocking waterbodies with trout is a tool to increase opportunities for anglers. Determining the success of these fisheries can be difficult, costly, and time consuming. Using trail cameras, we cost effectively determined the general use of select stocked waterbodies. Angler counts, and estimated angler effort showed considerable variation among the 15 ponds assessed in 2018 with effort ranging from 12 hours/ha at Mirror Reservoir to 4,517 hours/ha at Kraft Pond. Gill nets were used to sample selected waterbodies for fish presence to determine the success of stocking a pond. We found multiple size-classes of brown trout in Mitford Pond indicating persistence of fish between years, while this was not the case at Mirror Reservoir or Dewitt’s Pond. We also assessed an experimental stocking of brown trout into Mirror Reservoir, a waterbody prone to avian predation on stocked rainbow trout. Our results suggest that brown trout did not have an advantage over rainbow trout in withstanding predation. We found that brown trout do not appear to be a suitable replacement for rainbow trout in ponds where avian predation is high. Our results allow us to better manage our stocking practices and evaluate site management options to better serve Alberta anglers.


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