ACA Fish Stocking, New Lakes

Stocked trout fisheries are popular in Alberta, accounting for nearly a quarter of the total number of days reported fishing at all waters in 2005. Given the popularity of trout-stocked fisheries in Alberta, the AFS New Lakes project seeks to expand the number of stocked ponds through identification and screening of ponds with fish stocking potential. We evaluated three new ponds in 2018, but none were suitable for fisheries development. However, one pond identified in 2017 remains promising and is undergoing further evaluation.

Two ponds, evaluated in previous years of the AFS New Lakes project, were added to the AFS project in 2018: Taber Pond was stocked with 4,600 rainbow trout and County Sportsplex Pond (County of Grande Prairie) was stocked with 2,320 rainbow trout.


Alberta Environment and Parks, Alberta Fish & Game Association, Alberta Transportation, County of Grande Prairie, Taber Irrigation District, Town of Taber

Annual Summaries

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