ACA Fish Stocking Pond Rehabilitation

Fishing pressure at ACA Fish Stocking (AFS) ponds can exceed 2,000 h/ha in the summer months, indicating these ponds can be popular among anglers. However, our recent data suggests that some of these ponds may not be capable of supporting trout survival beyond mid-summer due to low dissolved oxygen (DO). We analyzed historic water quality data from AFS ponds to determine what ponds have poor DO concentrations during the open water season. We found 11 ponds that have a mean water depth >3 m with poor DO (<4 mg/L) in the top 3 m of the water column. To address poor water quality in these ponds, we chose two ponds, as case studies, to limit primary productivity through nutrient reduction: 1) we planted shrubs and willows in riparian areas of Castaway Pond to intercept nutrients. 2) We determined that Rainbow Park Pond (formerly Westlock Pond) is hyper-eutrophic and a good candidate for alum treatment to chemically inactivate phosphorus.


Alberta Fish & Game Association, Viking, Alberta Environment and Parks

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