Angler Survey - NW

We conducted camera-based angler surveys to estimate number of parties and trip length at Round, Peerless, Vandersteen, and Graham lakes during summer of 2019. We set up a combination of two Reconyx PC900 HyperFire Professional IR trail cameras at identified access points for each lake to capture boat launch events. Cameras at the Peerless Lake campground boat launch and Round Lake were active from May 15 to October 31, 2019. Cameras were installed at Vandersteen Lake on July 4 after an off-highway vehicle fire ban was lifted, and remained until October 31, 2019. Initial cameras installed at the Graham Lake campground boat launch were stolen and replaced in July 2019. Placement of new cameras at Graham Lake to prevent further theft resulted in few, unreliable capture events. At Peerless Lake campground we observed 161 angling parties who fished for an average of 5.22 hours resulting in an estimated 842 party hours. At Round Lake we observed 132 parties who fished for an average of 3.22 hours resulting in an estimated 422 party hours. At Vandersteen Lake we observed 5 parties who all spent between one and four nights at the lake.


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