Assessment of Lower Profile Game Species

Of the 18 sport fish species in Alberta, angler catch largely consists of northern pike, yellow perch, walleye, and rainbow trout. We believe that lower profile game species in Alberta can provide unique and significant angling and harvest opportunities. In 2022/23, we focused on burbot, goldeye, and mooneye to explore the current and potential recreational fishing opportunities for these species. We piloted burbot capture methods for future population monitoring; completed a social survey to understand angler interest and motivations regarding burbot, goldeye, and mooneye angling; and explored existing species data from the Fish and Wildlife Management Information System database.

Most survey respondents do not angle for burbot, goldeye, and mooneye, largely due to lack of knowledge on how to catch and cook them. In the future we may be able to enhance existing opportunities by providing information on how to catch, clean, and cook less popular species.


Government of Alberta

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