Central Region Angler Survey

The Clearwater River, Elk Creek (a main tributary to the Clearwater River), and the North Raven River are popular fishing destinations in west central Alberta. Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) identifies fishing effort and fishing mortality as a key threat to fish populations, yet despite their popularity with anglers, the current level of angler use of these streams is unknown. From June 1 to September 30, 2019, we conducted an aerial angler survey to estimate fishing 2 effort (hours) on the Clearwater River, Elk Creek, and the North Raven River, providing information that will aid AEP in managing these fisheries. We completed 26 instantaneous counts and observed 94 anglers on the Clearwater River, 14 on Elk Creek, and 56 on the North Raven River. Anglers fished for an estimated 7,214 hours on the Clearwater River, 1,162 hours on Elk Creek, and 4,283 hours on the North Raven River. Angling activity on the Clearwater River was more frequent in the second half of our survey (August and September), with only 6 of the 94 total anglers counted in June and July. The low use of the Clearwater River in June and July is very likely due to prolonged high water and spring flood conditions on the Clearwater River in the first half of the survey.


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