Effectiveness of Walleye-Pike Fishing Regulations

High fishing pressure, coupled with slow-growing and late-maturing populations have previously resulted in the over-harvest of many of Alberta’s sport fish populations highlighting the need to regularly monitor fishing pressure and populations. To aid in achieving management objectives, angler surveys provide fisheries managers with information about fishing pressure on waterbodies. Between May 15 and August 31, 2021, we performed angler surveys on Lac Ste. Anne, Gull, Buck, and Pigeon lakes. These angler surveys followed an instantaneous count methodology completed using boats or from shore during unsafe weather conditions. Estimated angler effort was 23,888.17 hours (4.22 h/ha) at Lac Ste. Anne, 38,551.75 hours (4.70 h/ha) at Gull Lake, 47,057.37 hours (18.53 h/ha) at Buck Lake, and 32,323.76 hours (3.32 h/ha) at Pigeon Lake.


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