ACA Fish Stocking Project

The ACA Fish Stocking (AFS) project provides anglers with increased opportunities to catch and harvest rainbow trout, brown trout, and brook trout in regions of Alberta where angling opportunities are limited.

Recipient waterbodies are prone to winterkill and require annual stocking of fish to maintain angling opportunities. We stocked 63 waterbodies with 95,250 rainbow trout, 5,000 brown trout and 5,840 brook trout for a total of 106,090 trout.   Two AFS ponds, Hermitage Pond and Fort Lions Community Pond at West River’s Edge, tested positive for whirling disease during AEP screening in 2017/18.  To reduce the risk of spreading the disease, AEP biologists, in consultation with ACA, stocked yellow perch instead of rainbow trout into Ft. Lion’s pond primarily to support the popular annual Kids Can Catch event at this pond.   Hermitage Pond was not stocked with any fish.  We stocked 63 ponds by June 30.   We stocked five ponds again in September.    We installed signage at four waterbodies.


Access Pipeline, Agrium Redwater, Alberta Environment and Parks, Aquality Environmental, Canadian Tire, City of Fort Saskatchewan, Complete Crossings, County of Saddle Hills, Nutrien Agrium Inc., SysGen Solutions Group, Town of Cochrane

Annual Summaries

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Title Year Category
Enhanced Fish Stocking Project 2009-2010 1
Enhanced Fish Stocking Project 2010-2011 1
Enhanced Fish Stocking Project 2011-2012 1
Enhanced Fish Stocking Project 2012-2013 1
Enhanced Fish Stocking Project 2013-2014 1
Enhanced Fish Stocking Project 2014-2015 1
Enhanced Fish Stocking Project 2015-2016 1
Enhanced Fish Stocking Project 2016-2017 1
Enhanced Fish Stocking Project 2017-2018 1