Fish Pond Rehabilitation

Fishing pressure at Alberta Conservation Association (ACA) stocked ponds can exceed 2,000 h/ha in the summer months, indicating these ponds can be popular among anglers. However, some of these ponds may not be capable of supporting trout survival beyond mid-summer due to low dissolved oxygen (DO). Therefore, we are investigating two techniques to improve water quality and DO concentrations in these ponds to increase angler opportunity: diffuse aeration during the open water season (spring-fall) and alum treatment. We have aerated Shell True North Pond during the open water season for the past five years and continue to improve DO concentration deeper into the water column and during winter months with each year. In 2022/23, we secured permits to conduct a pilot alum treatment study at Rainbow Park Pond. We retrieved dataloggers from four ponds installed in the fall of 2022. All four ponds experienced prolonged low DO concentrations (<1 mg/L) throughout the 2021/22 winter. Rainbow Park Pond will be treated with alum in June 2023 and will be studied to determine if alum can improve water quality and overwintering DO concentration.


Alberta Environment and Protected Areas, Saddle Hills County, Westlock County

Annual Summaries

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