Fish Stocking Evaluation     

Evaluation of our Fish Stocking Project suggests that poor water quality (high temperatures and low dissolved oxygen) at some of our ponds may limit their ability to support stocked trout throughout the summer months. In 2021/22, we evaluated if stocking created a fishery for anglers at Anderson Dam, Stirling Children’s Pond, and McQuillan and Foremost reservoirs; assessed the small-bodied fish and invertebrate forage base for trout at McQuillan and Foremost reservoirs (two waterbodies identified as potential locations for stocking alternate sport species); and described the size and abundance of yellow perch in Heritage Lake, Beaumont Pond, and Taber Trout Pond (waterbodies with anecdotal reports of perch presence). We found that trout stocking at McQuillan Reservoir has created a robust population of rainbow trout with evidence of multiple size/years of survival and some very large trout are present. Taber Trout Pond supports a significant population of yellow perch with evidence of multiple size/year classes and overwintering success. McQuillan and Foremost reservoirs have a substantial forage base as assessed by minnow trapping and invertebrate collections.


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Annual Summaries

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Enhanced Fish Stocking Evaluation 2016-2017 1
ACA Fish Stocking Evaluation 2017-2018 1
ACA Fish Stocking Project Evaluation 2018-2019 1
ACA Fish Stocking Evaluation 2019-2020 1
ACA Fish Stocking Evaluation 2020-2021 1
Fish Stocking Evaluation 2021-2022 1